Youth Prevention

marijuana education: youth prevention


As an authoritative influence in your child’s life, talking is the best first step you can take to prevent your child from using marijuana. Children ages 13-16 are at an ideal age to begin the marijuana conversation. Remember to Listen, Establish Clear Rules, Role Play How to Say “No,” and Focus on Positive Messages. Children ages 17-20 will benefit from a continued, open conversation that highlights their goals and future expectations.

safe storage

Store all marijuana products in a secure, locked area. Ensure that children are not able to see or reach this locked area. Devices to keep marijuana locked up and away from children are readily available for purchase. Methods for storing marijuana should change in complexity as children age.


The Marijuana Education Initiative (MEI) provides educators, schools, communities, and families with information and resources to better understand and confront the challenges associated with the changing dynamics created by legalized marijuana.

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nda supports


The Nevada Dispensary Association raised funds to contribute to Roseman University’s research and efforts to prevent youth use. NDA also testified in support of Roseman University’s efforts in the Nevada legislature. Read the Roseman Univeristy blog on the efforts: SB-166 is Heard in Nevada Legislature


NDA has also supported measures restricting certain edibles, packaging and advertising. The Association also supported measures requiring written notification of important warnings